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Fuchsin acid

Fuchsin acid

Fuchsin acid

Acid fuchsin is an acidic dye that has wide use in histology. It is one of the dyes used in Masson's trichrome stain. This method is commonly used to stain cytoplasm and nuclei of tissue sections in the histology laboratory in order to distinguish muscle from collagen. The muscle stains red with the acid fuchsin, and the collagen is stained green or blue with light green SF yellowish or methyl blue.

Acid fuchsine is a mixture of homologues of basic fuchsine, modified by addition of sulfonic groups. While this yields twelve possible isomers, all of them are satisfactory despite slight differences in their properties.

Grade:AR Grade

Purity:99.9% min

CAS Number :3244-88-0

EC Number:221-816-5

Molecular Formula: C20H17N3Na2O9S3

Technical Requirements:


Fuchsin acid

Appearance Dark-red Powder
Dyeing Test Qualified
ignition residue 46.0%
Loss on Drying (SO4) 6.0%


PH Indicator;
Weft shrinkage tissue staining;
Detection of free chlorine

Packing:25g/bottle or according to your requirement.

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