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bromocresol purple
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Bromocresol Purple

Bromocresol Purple

Bromocresol Purple


Bromocresol purple (BCP) or 5',5"-dibromo-o-cresolsulfophthalein, is a pH indicator. In its sultone form, it has a pKa value of 6.3, and is usually prepared as a 0.04% aqueous solution.
Synonym: 5,5′-Dibromo-o-cresolsulfonphthalein, Bromcresol purple sultone form

Grade:AR Grade

Purity:99% min

CAS Number :115-40-2

EC Number :204-087-8

Molecular Formula:C21H16Br2O5S

Technical Requirements:


Bromocresol Purple

Appearance Grey to Light Purple or Pink to Yellow-Tan Powder
PH Range  5.2 - 6.8, yellow to purple
Melting Point 240 °C 
Solubility in H2O Qualified
Solubility in Ethanol Qualified


bromocresol purple is used in medical laboratories to measure albumin, and as an addition to acid stop baths used in photographic processing as an indicator that the bath has reached neutral pH and needs to be replaced.
bromocresol purple is used for spectrophotometric determination of serum-albumin.

Packing:25g/bottle or according to your requirement.

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