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O-phenanthroline method for determining iron

A method of determining Fe from plant materials using O-phenanthroline is described.The absorbance of the Fe(C12H8N2) 3++ complex from pure iron solutions or from extracts of different plant materials did not vary over a pH range of 2 to 5. Maximum absorbance was obtained after a period of 2 hours of color development and was constant for at least 24 hours. The standard curves prepared by a procedure described elsewhere6 were quite similar to the ones obtained by the method described in this paper.A comparison of 3 methods of extracting Fe from the ash indicated that HCl + H2O2 gave higher results than either of the other methods. The Fe content obtained by this procedure was very similar to the values obtained by AAS.A high percentage of the Fe added to plant tissues and peats was recovered when extracted by HCl + H2O2 and that the reproducibility was good. This is recommended as a simple and satisfactory procedure for accurate determination of Fe.

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