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What is Acid-base Titration

Acid base titration is based on reaction of acid and base to form salt and water. In this titration, neutralization reaction is involved so it is also called as neutralization titration.
Acid –base reactions are very fast and divided into three types according to their nature.

Acidimetric titration
Alkaline substance is titrated with standard acid is called as acidimetric titration

Alkalimetric titration
Acidic substance is titrated with standard base is called as alkalimetric titration.

Non-aqueous titration
Susbance which can not be titrated satisfactorily either by acidimetry or alkalimetry in aqueous solution are titrated by non-aqueous solvents and called as non-aqueous titration.

Acid-base indicator:
The indicator used in acid-base titration is called as acid-base indicator. The important feature of acid-base indicator is that it has one color in acidic medium and develops another color in alkaline medium. This color change is not sudden but occurs within a small range of pH, this range is called as pH range of indicator.

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