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basic fuchsin
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Basic Fuchsin

Basic Fuchsin

Basic Fuchsin

Basic fuchsine is a mixture of rosaniline, pararosaniline, new fuchsine and Magenta II. Formulations usable for making of Schiff reagent must have high content of pararosanilin. The actual composition of basic fuchsine tends to somewhat vary by vendor and batch, making the batches differently suitable for different purposes.
In solution with phenol (also called carbolic acid) as an accentuator[15] it is called carbol fuchsin and is used for the Ziehl–Neelsen and other similar acid-fast staining of the mycobacteria which cause tuberculosis, leprosy etc.[16] Basic fuchsine is widely used in biology to stain the nucleus.

Grade:AR Grade

Purity:99.9% min

CAS Number :632-99-5;58969-01-0

EC Number:221-816-5

Molecular Formula:C20H20ClN3

Technical Requirements:


Basic Fuchsin

Appearance Dark-green Particle
Dyeing Test Qualified
Solubility in Ethanol Qualified
ignition residue (w/%) 0.2% max
Loss on Drying (SO4) (w/%) 14.60% max


PH Indicator (pH 1.0-3.1);
for microscopy (Bact., Bot., Hist.)
Used in the manufacture of lake

Packing:25g/bottle or according to your requirement.

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