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what is silver nitrate?

Silver nitrate is a soluble compound with the chemical symbol AgNO3 that is used as a reagent in scientific experiments, a topical treatment for things like warts and bacterial infections, and a general antibacterial for use in medicine and industry. It is popular is pharmaceuticals but is generally only approved for external use, and even then typically only in very diluted preparations. The compound is quite effective, but is also very dangerous when ingested and can burn the skin terribly if improperly prepared.

How to make silver nitrate?

Chemists make silver nitrate by dissolving pure silver in liquid nitric acid. When the metal hits the acid it crystallizes pretty quickly and forms salts. This reaction is fast but it tends to emit a lot of fumes, and as a result it is usually only done in labs or other facilities with good ventilation. The salts are usually dried and then either stored on their own or diluted, as is often the case with medical and pharmaceutical preparations.

Antibacterial Properties of silver nitrate?

One of the most beneficial things about the compound is its ability to kill germs. These antibacterial properties make it popular in water purification and decontamination, particularly in places where clean water isn’t readily available like in the wilderness, on space shuttles, or in the developing world. It has also been used to disinfect and clean vegetables and fruits, and can be used to sterilize and scrub animal pens and barns. Some household cleaning products like laundry detergent include it as an ingredient, too. When used for these purposes, it is important that the substance is heavily diluted and used only as directed.


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